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Hope Street Releases Two History Making Marvell Originals
(Breaking news from CCGNews, LLC)

          February 2017 was an interesting month for songwriter/recording artist James Marvell. He released three original songs back December 2016 and January 2017, and never dreamed they would all be #1 songs on three different top industry charts at the same time and same week!  Frans Maritz from WHISNews21 and Airplay Express saw this as a unique milestone and sent out an international media/radio blitz on Marvell's major accomplishment that folks can read about below. JK Coltrain of Nashville Radio Promotions had this to say, "The article I just read on James Marvell's recent musical accomplishment is Spectacular and True." {JK Coltrain/Colt Records and Nashville Radio Promotions}

          Hope Street Music Group is currently releasing Marvell's "Prophecy" and "Ashes Of My Sorrow" to radio. James Marvell says, "It's all about ministering to folks," as he speaks about his upcoming Hope Street releases. Marvell is humbled and excited because he wrote, published and sang the songs. He is thankful to legendary DJ/Promoter Jerry Mac who helped him take "Ashes Of My Sorrow" to #1 at Sound Click during the second week of February, at the same time that "Prophecy" went to #1 at Roots Music Report http://www.rootsmusicreport.com/charts/print_chart/song/sub_genre/true-country/weekly/2017-02-18/2017-02-18 while his special love song written for his wife Faye "FAYE'S SONG" was making it to #1 at AirplayExpress. All three originals were charting at the same time during the second week of February 2017. They are still going strong and showing up on other major Charts and Playlists thanks to the great Music Directors, DJs and Radio Stations everywhere.

          WHISNews21 writes:  2017 has started with a most amazing blessing for James Marvell, probably never before accomplished by a recording artist all in one week! Three different originals, “Prophecy,” “Faye’s Song” and “Ashes Of My Sorrow” by the same artist James Marvell, all at #1 on three different international radio charts at the same moment in Music History!  Truly a Magnificent accomplishment by Independent Superstar James Marvell. – WHISNews21

          James Marvell is now working with film director Roy Young on a TV program dealing with world events in light of Bible prophecy. The new program will be biblically based with interesting world events which will showcase other prophetic songs he has published, recorded, written and co-written.  

          Marvell is planning to have his classic composition "Prophecy" recorded in most of the leading languages of the world. Bruce Elrod of CASHBOX Magazine has already sent the song in Farsi to Tehran. It's now being heard in the Middle East, and  has also been released in Spanish. Marvell feels that many people worldwide are sensing that the time is near and closer than ever to see the prophesied return of Jesus Christ. If you are reading this, please pray that the enemy will be held back from hurting this project, a ministry that has been on Marvell's heart for over 40 years since he first wrote the song "Prophecy."




                             Waymasters to be Honored at Celebration for Record Setting Album  

Nashville, TN - February 17, 2017 The Waymasters, one of Christian Country Gospel music’s premier groups, will be honored Saturday, February 25th at Cross Roads Cowboy Church in Bon Aqua, TN at 6 pm. The church will host a concert celebration for the group’s historic accomplishment of producing the most successful charting album of all time.

          In the summer of 2016 the group released the single, “Take Me Home,” the ninth offering from their heralded “Smoky Mountain Gospel Vol. 2” album. In September “Take Me Home” took the No. 1 spot on the Christian Country Gospel News Top 100 chart, propelling the band into uncharted territory as they became the only music artist in history to record an album to generate six chart topping singles.  

          In recognition of this achievement, the Saturday night celebration will feature the Waymasters performing hits from the album and sharing behind the scenes stories and insights into the making of this historic project. Cross Roads Cowboy Church is located at 9460 Missionary Ridge Rd, Bon Aqua Tn. The celebration is open to the public and everyone is invited to attend.  

www.thewaymasters.com, thewaymasters@yahoo.com.





Music Group


         appearing on Grand Ole Opry 




Show at Nightriders Country Music Club, Sheffield, UK

Radio Interview with BBC, Radio Sheffi


Royal Wade Kimes has in no way been one to play politics to force ahead his
career. Some would say he is uncommon in that respect, those who know him would say ‘not at all, he’s a cowboy’ and real cowboys let their talents do the talking. Watch Extreme Bull Riders sometime and you’ll get the pic


Royal Wade Kimes is the number one Cowboy Country Singer and Writer in America, winning two Will Rogers Awards, voted Best Solo Musician by True West Magazine, and appearing on the covers of Western, Horse and Sports Magazines. He has written songs for Garth Brooks, Diamond Rio, Gene Watson and others. He lays claim to #1 hits both in his Cowboy Country Style as well as Gospel recordings.

For more on Royal Wade Kimes



At prices you can afford.  Contact Micki Farington at 904-686-1057 or by email at cgchopestreet@comcast.net


Now accepting music for their 
4017 Hope Street" Digital Comp"

All music must be auditioned 
before it is accepted for release.

Send your music to cgchopestreet@comcast.net
or PO Box 3093, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004

Contact Micki or Gene at 904-707-5607
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In A Place Where They Love Their Cowboys

     In recent years, Royal Wade Kimes has cast his fate with the cowboys of the old west. His songs reflect new takes on old themes from the days when cowboys and gunfighters were the West.
The former Asylum Nashville artist, who gave us some Top 50 hits in the 90's, gets a full-feature in American Profile Magazine. And last week, he performed for Ranch Hands, Horse Trainers and Cattlemen at the Silver Dollar Bar & Grill/Jackson Hole, WY.
     Of his time in real Cowboy Country, Kimes tells us, "I loved performing in Jackson Hole. The audience was loaded with downright good people, my kind of people, and we had a great time!"
     For a walk down memory lane,
click here to view his haunting hit video, Another Man's Sky.


Branson Artist, Anita French-Kidd (2nd from Left) was 2nd Runner 
up in the Mrs. "Senior" Missouri pageant in St. Louis.  

SEE THE LIGHT (also known as GENE & MICKI) are in the studio again (after several years) recording a new project, which includes several original songs that Micki & Gene have penned themselves and others.   See The Light has been an award-winning duo for over two decades, and spend most of their time today promoting others called to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Christian Country Gospel music.  You can reach them through HOPE STREET MUSIC GROUP, their ministry website at www.seethelightministries.us, or at their radio station websites: www.cgcradio.com and www.countryjamradionetwork.com.

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