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An A-MAYS-ing Report

with Sharon Mays



          We had a great Christmas Celebration Tour this season with Heart to Heart, In His Name and award-winning teen Christian drama artist Ta' Marie.  Then Heart to Heart moved directly from Jingle Bells and Christmas Hallelujah to our 11-week Winter Texas Tour, working in resorts,  hotels, festivals and churches in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.  Whether it be variety or Gospel, we are always working for the Lord and finding opportunities to share with others wherever we go.

          Our big news continues to be our song "God Crush" on our Heart's Journey CD. It has gone to No. 1 on several charts, is now being used in Celebrate Recovery programs around the country, was just taken to El Salvador on a mission trip and is up for Song of the Year with Christian Voice Magazine.  You know, if we ALL had a never-ending, all consuming crush on God, what an exciting place this world would be.

          We've had the pleasure to work with several great recording artists this year to include Chris Golden, Barbara Fairchild, Doug Gabriel, Brenda Lee, Connie Smith, Marty Raybon and yes, even Uncle Si from the Duck Dynasty gang.  It's quite an honor to work with these amazing Christian entertainers.  Yes, I did say "entertainers" and Christian in the same breath because . . . it's okay!  You see, even the finest preacher entertains to some extent to catch the attention of their listeners in order to feed them with the Word of God.  We work hard to meet our calling from God which has two arms: One is to go outside the church and bring in every soul you can; and secondly, God said, "but don't forget my church.  Feed my sheep."  That's what we strive to do as we travel our Journey for Jesus Challenge . . . yes.  Rewarding . . . you bet. Getting to Heaven one day is a pretty huge reward I'd say!

         We want to give a big shout out to Christian radio for playing our music, especially "God Crush," and to all the radio personalities and those behind the scenes that help get our music to folks around the world that we, otherwise, would never meet.  We appreciate you!

           My thought for today is this:  Stop.  Look all around you.  Breathe.  Be still and truly know that God is there with you.  No matter how busy He gets, He still has time for you.  Please be sure YOU make time for God.

          Heart to Heart is booking for 2017 and 2018.  Give us a call to schedule your special date soon.  Until we meet again,l as we say on the Branson Gospel Groove, just remember:




                            HEART to  HEART?

        Sharon and Jerry are originally from Malden and Parma, MO and are now based in Branson, MO. They often say “these awards are not fireplace furniture but tools to help open doors to reach more people for the Lord.” They also say they have “the best Boss in all eternity!” “We travel all the time but we love our home town family and friends and it’s always a blessing to get home for hugs and smiles.”

        Heart to Heart are regularly featured artists at the Night Light Theater (owned by the Barbara Fairchild family) and Branson Radio Live with Karen Berka. All other times, they tour nationally to serve churches, festivals, theaters and civic events. Their desire to not only work with churches but to reach folks who might not enter a church building, has taken them to some interesting venues such as opening for The Kentucky Headhunters and Nashville Country Acts.

        Heart to Heart brings the Gospel with a little doo-wop and comedy to the stage in a way that the audiences love. The industry is definitely taking notice as they share their unique harmony blend, energy on stage and style variety with audiences everywhere.

        For tour schedule and additional information about Heart to Heart, check out their website at www.hearttoheartmusicgroup.com and their Facebook page. You can also contact them by email at hearttoheartmusicgroup@gmail.com or by phone at 417-576-5188.


"The Heart & Soul of Branson"

Featured On the Grand Ole Opry Stage



2016 VIP Terry Beene Award Guests, Branson, MO

2016 Christian Voice Magazine GMFF Country Gospel Duo of the Year

2015 Country Gospel 
Media Personalities of the Year

2015 AGAPE Duo of the Year

2014 AGAPE Duo of the Year

2014 Int'l. Country Gospel 
Duo of the Year

2014 CGC Int'l. Choice Awards 
Duo of the Year

2013 & 2012 National AGAPE Fan Awards - Duo of the Year

2013 Country Gospel Music Fanfest 
Duo of the Year

2012 Country Gospel Music Association Central Fan Awards
Duo of the Year

2012 & 2011 Country Connection 
Choice Awards
Int'l. Duo of the Year (Radio)

2010 National Duet & 
Vocal Group of the Year -

GMA/IMMERSE - Nashville

Multi Award-Winning Songwriters

Hosts "The Branson Gospel Groove" 
Radio Show

Feature Writers, Country Gospel 
Connection Magazine

Regularly Featured Artists on 
The Branson Stage