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A Canadian View
by Aven Grace



February 2017

The Word That Changes Everything

            This word seemed so appropriate for now.  Last year in November, I was visiting my Mom, a time and privilege I’m grateful for.  She has since “gone home,” but  lived long enough to see many changes, and she taught us children Bible verses when we were very young, so I asked her to tell me a verse that she has found most profound in her life.  She took some time to think, and then said, “Be Still and know that I AM God” (I was happily surprised, since I was already thinking of writing about this verse!)

            You’ve probably heard this many times, but in this age of rushing and running, when are we ever still?  Do we think we MUST be busy in order to gain God’s favor, or that if we don’t keep frantically working, will we not have what we need?  Are we so familiar with “busy-ness,” that we don’t know how to stop?

            Until we have learned to be still, we have no idea what we are missing.  Let’s look at the whole passage in Psalm 46. Most of it is familiar: God is a very present help in trouble; we don’t need to fear even if everything is in an uproar.  That sure sounds like today, doesn’t it?

            There are earth-shaking events, calamity and fear everywhere, it seems, yet God is still our refuge and strength. Look at verses 5 and 7.  Do we sense it?  Do we feel sure of it?  Do we KNOW it, in a way that penetrates to the core of our being and changes the way we live? 

             I have had some opportunities in the past few weeks to stop all the rushing around and just “BE” for a while. At first there was a vague sense of guilt, as if there was something I “should” be doing to make the time worthwhile, and that was uncomfortable.  Then, I began to notice birds singing, the blueness of the sky, the laughter of children.  The gentle quiet began to seep into my soul until I could feel God smiling.  I could hear Him whisper as I let go of my “must-do” list and just listened to Him. The peace became deeper and more profound, a solid foundation. I could hear God’s love envelop me like a symphony of joy.  I cannot tell you what He said to me; you must find out for yourself. 

            Knowing that He is God means knowing that He is in control of all things; that He carries you tenderly in His arms; and that there is a greater life out there than all the ‘knowing’ that we can dig out through science and exploration can produce.  This ‘Greater Life’ is found in being still in God’s Presence.  The only way to know the great treasure of this is to BE STILL.  Not only that… invite our wonderful, Holy God into your stillness, and focus on Him as you set aside everything that clamors for your attention.

            Somehow, all the things that had you distressed and disquieted seem far less important, don’t they?  God is far bigger than any of them.  Anytime your problems seem overwhelming, you need to go back to being still with God. 

            Perhaps we should all memorize Psalm 46!  It is a word that changes everything!

Be Blessed in His Grace,

Aven Grace