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Editor's Note
by Micki Farington


February - March 2017

Finally Understanding
                                      By Micki Farington, Editor

          I’ve spent a lot of time studying the subject of Eternal Security according to God’s Word over the years, and that course of study has led me to a beautiful understanding.  I’d like to share it with you – encouraging you to be mindful that this has been my own personal search for understanding, and you should do your own.

          First of all, it has always helped me when I’m seeking understanding from God’s Word, that I get into word studies from the original text. In this instance I focused on two words, and I found that there is a definite difference between Fellowship and Salvation, and many people confuse the two.  These two words in scripture have two very different meanings and they are not interchangeable.  In the original Greek/Hebrew text of that time the word for Fellowship was "koinonia" and the word for Salvation was “Soteria.”

          The word Soteria means deliverance and salvation. In the context of our spiritual condition, to be “saved” means that you have accepted the FACT that Jesus Christ, who was God incarnate, came to this world where He lived, died and rose again to give us a way to get from here to our heavenly home for all eternity. He asked that we believe and accept His sacrifice on the cross which was payment for our sins -- then to repent of our sins and ask Him to come into our heart as our Lord and Savior. That’s all we have to do. This amazing gift is free because our Father God loves us so very much that “He sent His only begotten Son that we might be saved.” (John 3:16) 

          Koinonia refers to an intimate relationship between God and those believers (meaning those who are "saved") who are sharing new life through their Savior Jesus Christ. "Paul uses koinonia to describe the way he identifies with Christ's sufferings, and John in his first letter uses koinonia to describe what connects us to God and to each other through Christ."

         The fellowship that God desires comes AFTER salvation.  Remember that!  If we have asked Jesus into our heart, we are “saved.” That means that we have been adopted into the family of God FOREVER, and we can’t be un-adopted.

         We were CREATED to have “fellowship” with Him (Colossians 1:16), but because of Adam’s sin it caused separation between God and man.  Then God chose to make a way for us to be able to love and commune with Him in spite of that sin.

          Because sin is an ever present problem in this world, and it’s usually something that’s fun or feels good to our flesh or benefits us in one way or another, God realized that it would always be a temptation to our physical man (or woman).  So His Holy Spirit is always leading, guiding and directing our path; whispering in our spirit “Don’t do that. That’s going to hurt you and it will hurt God” or “Do this – go this way. It will prosper you and please the heart of your Father God.” The sad part is that after a long time of not listening to His gentle, small voice, there will come a time when won’t hear Him anymore. He will just say “Okay, she can have her own way (because He will never violate our free will), and He just waits.

          Because God is omniscient (which means He is not limited or affected by time, as we are in this world), He sees us from the beginning to the end. When He saves us, he knows everything we will do for the rest of our life, and He says “She is my adopted daughter forever. I know about her sins and I love her anyway and I will never leave her nor forsake her.”

          Personally, during those times when I was so involved in my life and my sin and was not in fellowship with Him, there was never a day when I didn’t love God. I would cry when I thought about Him but it wasn’t until I was in a church in California at 23 years old – having gone with a friend from work who was badgering me to go, that I heard the Word of God (after so many years of being cold and distant from Him) from a pastor saying, “Remember, child of God, that there are no surprises for Him. He knew you before the foundation of the world. He adopted you when you accepted Him when you were 12 years old and He knew everything you were going to do and why you were going to do. He wants to hold you close to Himself once again and let you know that you are safe and secure in His love and provision. He will never leave you nor forsake you. If I’m talking to you tonight, I want you to come to the altar right now,” and I did.

          It is AFTER SALVATION that we begin to long to know more about the one who created us (our Father God), and the one who gave His life for us (Jesus Christ). That’s when we begin to thank Him and worship Him and spend time with Him and time in His Word. That’s when we are doing what God created us to do, fellowshipping with Him.

          When we were SAVED, our position in the Family of God was settled. It was a “done deal,” and our position would not be affected by anything our enemy designed to keep us from God. What does happen though, is when we have those times that we seem to turn our back on Him and walk our own way in sin, our rewards that are stored up in Heaven for us will be affected at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Our sin has consequences and it will cost us in Heaven.

          That’s when our Lord Jesus looks at our lives and takes an account of how we spent our time and used the gifts and talents we were given; how many souls we touched for the Kingdom of God, and how we made our life a reflection of Him.  What that will cost us is unknown to me. It could be that I wouldn’t be doing the things I had hoped to do in my eternal home, or I wouldn’t be living as close to Jesus as I wanted to live.  I don’t know what that cost will be but I know our rewards will be affected.  And I also know that you won’t lose your position in the Family of God. You’ll get to heaven because you chose Him when you were a child, and He then said “Yes, she’s mine. I know what she’ll do, how she will live for a time and the things that will cause her to stumble, and I love her anyway.  I am her Adonai and she is my child.”

          As our Adonai, God owns us. He is responsible for us, but because He’s given us a free will, He never controls us. We always have a choice. He wants us to love and worship him (have Fellowship with Him) because we choose to worship Him and it’s our desire. He is the ultimate gentleman and He will never force us to do anything, although He could.

          Choose to worship Him today, child of God. Don’t let another day go by without hearing His voice and resting in the security of His everlasting love. It feels so good to feel His presence once again and be at peace in your heart and soul.

Editor’s Note: I know there are varying views on this very important subject. This is my personal opinion and understanding from my own personal study. Let God be as original with you as He has been with me and others – and rest in the security that comes with accepting Him as your Lord and Savior.